Jesus Wore Skinny Jeans

Today I had a refreshing conversation with my friend Jackie. We talked about church, life, and everything in between. One of the topics that came up in conversation is – How, within our current culture, can be Kingdom-Minded and still have a World View? What do I mean by that? How does one be in it, and not of it. We are constantly being molded by society. The more we strive to de different, passionate, unique, the more we actually meet the requirement for the social norm.  So how do we do this? Well, I'll do my best to put it in terms as Jackie did:

We need to embrace the uncomfortableness of Jesus.

Wait, what? What does that even mean? Was Jesus uncomfortable? Were His skinny jeans too
tight? (I bet He wore painted skinnies from TopMan, BTW)

Here's what I've come to realize, and Jackie help drive this point home to me. We know that Jesus was fully man and fully God. I think we fail to realize how much God was like Jesus. In that the Trinity are three in one, we miss the mark when we think God, the big bearded white haired man, wasn't like Jesus – man. Why do I bring this up? If we don't understand the heart of God, we won't understand the heart of Christ. Every time we see Christ interacting with people, He was gentle, meek, and humble. But at the same time He had this way about Him that people were drawn to Him, and just when those around Him got comfortable, He would address their sin. He was, uncomfortably comfortable to be around.

So how do we approach being Kingdom-Minded and still have a World View that aligns with current culture? We have to keep relationships that are uncomfortably comfortable. We can't be scared to call out, or to put it simply, be authentic, with those who are closest to us. We must embrace genuine relationship. I'm speaking from experience. I'll be the first to raise my hand and say, it's hard for me to be authentic when it counts. Genuine conversation is the beginning of living a life full of passion and purpose that isn't the social norm.  

Christ was uncomfortably comfortable to be around. Who are the people in your life that you can say are uncomfortably comfortable to be around? If you don't have any people like that in your life, make that a goal. Make it a goal to find authentic relationship. I find it hard to live a life fully dedicated to Christ, if I don't have individuals that can hold me accountable and call me out of my BS. Let's make it a goal to be authentic and passionate about being in it, but not of it.

Happy Monday :)