Say Geronimo

I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.

— Geronimo, Leader of the Bedonkohe Apache

Geronimo was the leader of the last American Indian fighting force formally to capitulate to the United States. Because he fought against such daunting odds and held out the longest, he became the most famous Apache of all. I first heard Sheppard's, "Geronimo" earlier this year and it really stuck out to me. Now obviously Geronimo the Apache Leader and Geronimo the song are not talking about the same thing. They do however, have one thing in common.


The Apache Leader was known for standing up for himself and his people when it wasn't convenient. He took a risk to stand for his tribe, even to his death. The song Geronimo is about fighting for a relationship. It's about taking the risk and jumping into something that you can't see exactly where you're going. This resonates with me right now. Currently, I'm at a place that I can't see the "end goal." Sometimes it feels like a waterfall curtain. I've just got to take a leap without knowing what's on the other side. So how do we combat risk? How do we, in an age where we constantly tell students and young adults to "play it safe," decide to make the jump? Here are some thoughts:

Just Do It

Cliché right? Some of the greatest moments in my life have come from just doing it. As a culture we overthink, over process, and never fully realize the power of moving forward. I'm all for evaluating the options, but does it really take 2 years to decide if you want to move to a different city? What about switching careers? Maybe you're unhappy with your home life? What is it going to take for you to get the courage to just do it? There is no time like the present to jump. 

You Are Not Your Past Mistakes

Some of the biggest burdens in our life come from regret, either in our past or failures we've made. You are not your past mistakes. Growth happens everyday in all forms. Our biggest failures sometimes turn into our biggest successes. I've been apart of several failed businesses, I learned more from my failure than if I would have succeeded. For that, I'm grateful for failure. Your true character is shown when you rise after you fall. 

I hope that you step out and take a risk on something that you love. There is nothing worse than having a passion and not pursuing it because of fear. You got this. Say Geronimo and Do it!

Speaking of risk takers, the Mural above, as well as the background of the photos below was painted by an artist named Maser. You can read more about this Mural project, here. I was excited to team up with photographer Tyler Mazaheri to get these images. It was our first shoot together, and it won't be our last. 


  • Shirt Ralph Lauren, Linen
  • Pants Kill City Denim (Modified by Me)
  • Shoes ASOS Chelsea Boots
  • Jacket Vintage Saint Laurent Zip Hoodie

Images by Tyler Mazaheri.