How To Be Interesting - Ep.4

It's Wednesday and time for another edition of "How To Be Interesting." Here is some practical advice for those of you who aren't people persons. Friends are great things, People are a great thing, but learning how to connect and navigate them can be hard. Here are some practical steps.

#1 - Invite More Than You R.S.V.P

Bring others into your world. Let them play where you hang out. Don't wait for invitations when you can host. You can get something started as long as there is at least one person you can invite!

#2 - Be A Link Not An Endpoint.

Don't just tell. Don't just listen. Make introductions. Set up strangers. Pass on what you know. This is how ideas snowball into events. You can be the fulcrum upon which an entire community turns.

#3 - Compliment Liberally.

Kind words are quite precious and cost nothing; it's surprising that there're so rare. Laud what you enjoy! Praise the people who excel in novel ways. Do it publicly and often. Everyone needs encouragement.

#4 - Expand The Group.

Never take in the welcome mat. Keep the door open. Make room for surprise guests - you never know who could show up. They might be wonderful. They might be less than wonderful. Hopefully, they'll be interesting!

#5 - Reach Out.

You are only one phone call, one letter, one text message, one email, one "hi there," away from everyone. Yes, everyone.
The people who admire you, who inspire and impress you, the people you love or would like to love – they are all so very reachable.
That's scary and comforting at the same time isn't it?


How To Be Interesting - Day 3

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are doing something crazy this week that you've never done before. In case you aren't, here are my 5 tips on how to be not-so-lame.

#1 - Cross Pollinate.

You've got a thing, a schtick, a specialty. And so does everybody else. Don't just associate with folks who do what you do. Seek out those with different passions. You'll be able to experience exponentially more.

#2 - Instigate.

Do not wait until tomorrow. Say, do, or make it now. Go where you need to be. Do not wait to be invited places. Host your own parties. Do not sit by the phone. Pick it up. Spread the word. Press the buttons. Buy the tickets and enjoy the show!

#3 - Offer To Help.

What you have is worth a lot. Seek out the people who need it. Know what you can do and tell people that you're willing to do it. They will treasure and remember you. Your time. Your talents. Your compliments. A seat at your table. A cup of sugar. A clean pair of socks. The world needs whatever it is that you have.

#4 - State The Obvious.

What's known to you is often a mystery to others. Your old fact is someone else's new lesson. Your simple task is someone else's impossible chore. Your mind id full of treasures that no one else has seen. Pass them on. An idea shared is not diminished: It's multiplied.

#5 - Don't Be Shy.

Wave hello instead of looking away. Leave your perspectives in places where others can find them. Put your work in the window, not the basement. Conservatives begin with small steps toward each other.

How To Be Interesting - Day 2

It's a new week with new goals. If you're lacking morning inspiration or need a bit of relief from life this week, here are my 5 tips on how to do life a bit differently today!

#1 - Tweak The Schedule

Wake up before your alarm. Steal moments between stoplights to compose a poem. Sneak off to a moonlit spot when you'd otherwise be watching something on a glowing screen. Work at night and play in the daytime. Carve out hours for the dreams you've been putting off. There's always time to explore. You get to decide when it is!

#2 - Practice Noticing

A faded sign. An eye patch. A broken lock. A photo torn in half. A flat tire. A small scar. A spilled cup. A pause when her lover's name is mentioned.
Each detail tells a story. And every room holds a thousand details. Look for them. Find the interesting stories.

#3 - Practice Being Childlike Not Childish

Look with open eyes. Remember how amazing the world was before you learned to be cynical? See the neat things. The messy things. The funny things. Less crankiness. More marveling!

#4 - Keep Asking Why.

Parents hate it when kids do it.
Why? Because.
Why? Because.
Why? Because.
And on and on. But try it. You'll be surprised at how quickly a simple Why? can turn into a fascinating Because.

#5 - Share What You Discover.

And be generous when you do! No everybody went exploring with you. Let them live vicariously through your adventures!


How To Be Interesting - Day 1

Every time I meet someone new, I ask people to share something interesting about themselves. Most respond with "oh, I'm very boring!" Even some of my closest friends seem to shrug off topic and admit to being "boring." Well, I'm here to tell you that you are not boring, you're one of a kind! BUT just in case you think you're boring, I'm going to share 5 daily tips on how to be interesting!

#1 - Go Exploring.

Explore ideas, places, and opinions. The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.

#2 - Talk To Strangers.

No one has seen exactly what you have. No one has been to all the places you've visited. No one feels just as you do.

Find out why.

#3 - Unplug.

Without a map, you can find uncharted places. Be unreachable; you can talk to people on your journey. Miss a few updates from others, and discover yourself instead. Your gadgets are tethering you to a world you know very well. Turn them off to explore new places.

#4 - Expose Yourself!

to embarrassment
to ridicule
to risk
to strange events & conditions
to wIlD iDeAs
to things that make you cringe
to strange vistas & new sounds

Trust me, It'll be fun.

#5 - Take Daily Vacations

If only for a few minutes. Stroll around in the early hours, when the sunlight is a sliver. Walk to a different mailbox. Read magazines in a random place. Shower in the dark. Sip coffee with someone new. Reclaim your spare moments.