Pursuant - Mason Kesner


Today is Halloween. It's a very cold day in Bentonville, but as someone who loves cold weather - today was for me. I got up this morning with the purpose of doing one thing. A digital clean. Those closest to me know that I get inundated with emails, messages, phone calls, as most of us do. I am, however, notorious about realizing that I've received a message then getting sidetracked and forgetting to respond. Today was my day to clean hundreds of emails, texts, voicemails, etc... today was admin day.

As I began to wrap up this process I started thinking about purpose. I've been rereading Power Through Prayer, it's an all-time favorite that I try and read a few times every year. As I began reading, my mind went to the question, "what was the last thing God told me to do?" This question is so important when we think about purpose. Most of us tread idly through life wondering why we were put on this planet. We ask God, or whatever version of god we ascribe to, what our purpose is and what truly is the meaning of life.

Sometimes when I find myself lost or having feelings of loneliness, I ask myself that question, "what was the last thing God told me to do?" If there is one thing I've learned it's that in life, we're only able to take the next step after we've completed the previous one. Those feelings of being lost and not knowing which way to turn are a direct result of not completing the previous step. Sometimes this issue is hard to address. Maybe there is something you know you need to be doing, but aren't doing it. Maybe it's a relationship that needs repairing, or maybe it's something life changing like switching careers. Whatever it might be, that next step won't be evident until you complete the previous one.

This week, as I experience fall in Arkansas, I'm challenging myself, and you, to be pursuant of the last thing you know you should have done – and do it.