Is Bigger Really Better?

cWhen Apple released the S updates to the iPhone 6 I decided to go for it and get the 6s Plus. If you know me, I'm somewhat of an Apple evangelist. Everything they make, I buy. Why? I'm not sure, but money magically disappears and packages show up on my doorstep. It's funny how that happens. I ordered my iPhone 6s Plus a few days after they were released. I decided to get the 128G because that is what my 6 is. They were backordered until Nov. 3, but surprisingly it shipped and arrived today! Before we get into the unboxing, lets talk about all the advantages of the 6 and the new 6s.

The 6/6s Just Fits.

Simple enough. It fits well in the hand and you can easily reach the keyboard with your thumb. Let's be real. When you're laying in bed or just wake up it's way easier just to grab your phone and check updates or text with just one hand. On another note the 6 its perfect pocket-sized device. Front or back pocket it fits perfectly.

The Reason I Decided To Switch

With all the advantages of the 6/6s, it has it's disadvantages. Like most millennials, I use my phone a lot. I use it for emails, designing, content creation, and searching for inspiration. I found it hard to do everything I love on a condensed surface. To me, the 6s Plus seemed like I could gain some space within my work. Have I mentioned the camera? This was one of the biggest factors to me. I take a lot of photos and with the increased quality of this camera how could you resist?!

So let's get to the unboxing and the review!


As always, beautifully packaged.

Nothing has changed since the launch of the 6 goes as far as packaging.


It fits comfortably in your hand, although, it's a bit misleading. Although it's very maneuverable with just one hand, if you have small hands you might want to rethink this.


All in all, I'm getting used to it. It's definitely a different size and it will take some getting used to. I haven't quite mastered it yet. I found that it easily slips out of my pocket and adding anything besides a slim case isn't an options. It just gets too big at that point. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't heavily use your phone. I can see how creatives will love it, but if you're just an average phone user that doesn't rely heavily on apps, steer clear of this guy. The updates that come with the S series are pretty cool. Force touch is great, but I don't really find it to be time saving when posting or going directly to a certain place in an app. The Camera is incredible. Video recording in 4K, I mean, really? It's beautiful. Overall, if you're thinking about upgrading, go for it. I've had every iPhone produced and this by far is my favorite.


All Eyes On Apple - The Apple Watch Coverage

What's up guys? Hello and welcome to the Apple Store at the Promenade in Chenal.  I’m Austin Rice from iEdge, and we’re here in Little Rock, Arkansas to give you a first look at the Apple Watch try-on experience and Apple’s newest
retina-equipped Macbook, so stick around, check out the new gear, and stay tuned for details on our Apple Watch Sport giveaway at the end of this post.

So, one of the things that really impressed me was the accomodation provided in the try-on experience. The sales rep, Reece, quickly connected with me for my appointment and showed me to a drawer containing about ten apple watches. I tried on the Milanese loop, two sport bands, and a classic leather strap, and of the three I would definitely choose the comfort of the classic leather.

 If you don't have a Try-on appointment you can try out one of the demo units which walk you through the various features of the watch.

When you first put on your Apple Watch, you’ll want to pair it with your iPhone using the App provided in
iOS 8.3.  From there you run through a few settings and you’re ready to go. The interface here is designed to be familiar and intuitive.  It doesn’t take long to understand how it all works.

The digital crown on the side functions as a button for activating siri and as a scroll wheel to keep your hand from blocking the screen, and the button underneath quickly shows your favorite contacts.

The touch controls are also essential to the experience, as you would expect.  Wired did a fantastic piece on the Apple Watch and its ability to simplify your tech life.

I highly recommend checking that out in the description below if you are still on the fence.


Apple is selling three versions of the Apple Watch: Sport, Watch, and Edition; starting at $349, $549, and a whopping $10,000 respectively. Apple allows you to reserve a try-on appointment through the Apple Store app or on

You can preorder starting today, but shipping many estimates have been pushed out to as late as June. (So you better get started)

Also releasing this morning is Apple’s newest laptop, simply called: Macbook.  This is the thinnest and lightest machine that has ever run OSX and it’s essentially an even thinner Macbook Air with a Retina display.  The keyboard here is edge to edge and the traditional trackpad has been replaced by a force touch pad that simulates clicking. This Mac will set you back $1299 and it starts shipping today.  

So We're Giving Away an Apple Watch


On April 24, we'll pick a winner of an Apple Watch Sport, 38mm.

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