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Today I had to stop. I woke up to the news of the Las Vegas shooting. Last week my heart was heavy for Puerto Rico. On a closer to home note, I was in a car accident over the weekend that left me shaken to the core. There seems like so little one can do while sitting at a desk, or watching from a screen at home. It’s times like these we want to rush in and help to aid…

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Personal Political Secrets For Your Twenties Words of Wisdom

Voting in 2016

On this election eve, I felt the need to address something that I’ve been thinking about for almost a year now. We see celebrities, politicians, our peers all say “go vote,” “it’s your civic duty,” or “your opinion doesn’t matter if you don’t vote.” The reality is voting is your right and only that. It’s not a duty, it’s not a moral obligation – it’s a right. If you feel conflicted whether because of religious or personal beliefs, no one should…

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Make America Great Again?

This weekend was a bit of a mess. I attended two political events that couldn’t have been more opposite of each other. If you just landed here via social media, welcome, the next few minutes I’m going to detail my experiences at two different events for GOP frontrunners. I decided on a whim to attend Donald Trump and Marco Rubio rallies. Their campaigns announced last Thursday they were coming into town, so I took this as an opportunity to see them both live.…

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