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What a week. I got back in town on Thursday and hit the ground running back to work. With so much happening on the East coast and in Arkansas I haven’t had time to sit down and write. It’s Saturday morning at 10:10A and I’m ready to get back to my 2017 goal of publishing daily. Stick with me because I’ve got a few scattered thoughts before I get into what is on my heart today. My first thought –…

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Arkansas Hotel Series + Take Me Back to NYC

This #FollowFriday goes to Ian Crumm and HYATT Herald Square. I photographed these two while I was in NYC for Fashion Week in February. As I’m gearing up for my Best of Arkansas Hotels series, I’m going back through shoots to get some inspiration! For my Arkansas Natives, or those who have traveled through Arkansas, what are your favorite hotels? We’ve got some gems in this State (no pun intended) and I want to know what they are! Comment below and let…

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What I Learned From Fashion Week FW15

The last two weeks of my life have been the craziest I’ve ever encountered. Remember the first time you ever thought your life was crazy? Remember what that felt like? Then you approach an even crazier time in life and you begin to realize that life is just one crazy train that just so happens to stop at different stations along the way. Just in 2015 alone, I started a new job, added two huge clients, and I’m attempting to…

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Delta, I Cheated and I’m Sorry – Please Take Me Back?

4:30P – I left my NYC Hotel for LGA to head back to Arkansas.5:45P – Arrived at LGA for my 7:00P connection flight to CLT.6:20P – Got to the gate and learned my flight was delayed almost 50 minutes. 6:25P – Found Dinner (This isn’t relevant to my post, but it was extremely good).7:30P – Finally able to board. Around 9:45P I’m realizing that my connection flight is at 10:10P and I’m not going to make it. The U.S. Airways flight…

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Why Is It So Cold?

Let me start by saying that IT IS FREEZING. I woke up this morning not wanting to leave my bed. Just hearing the wind blowing against the buildings made me curl up and ask for five more minutes! This week I’m staying at the Moderne Hotel between 8th and 9th Ave. This hotel is steps away from Columbus circle and Lincoln Center. I got a suite that overlooks West 55th and there is an amazing Thai place right next door. Every time I…

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