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Tennessee Beats

This past weekend I spent some time with friends in Nashville, TN. I’m always up for any excuse to get out of town with friends and go exploring. If you follow my instagram you might have seen a recent post about creativity. Personally, I’ve been struggling the past few months with this idea of creativity and what exactly that means. I decided this next year I would relentlessly pursue this idea and make it personal to me. In this post I…

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Brand Collaborations Men's Fashion

Ian Marko + The Summer Look

I’m no stranger to trends and my style reflects that. I’ve always had the hardest time sticking to just one thing. My style changes from season to season. In the winter I tend to be more avant garde with my style, lots of layers and lots of black! In the summer however, it’s completely different. In Arkansas it gets HOT. Not only does it get hot, it gets humid. It basically feels as though you’re swimming every time you go outside. Needless to…

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