Tennessee Beats

This past weekend I spent some time with friends in Nashville, TN. I'm always up for any excuse to get out of town with friends and go exploring. If you follow my instagram you might have seen a recent post about creativity. Personally, I've been struggling the past few months with this idea of creativity and what exactly that means. I decided this next year I would relentlessly pursue this idea and make it personal to me. In this post I want you to meet some of my friends. Yes, I'm going to unashamedly brag on them because they are incredible. These guys help me push my own creative limits, and I hope their stories inspire you as well.


Harrison Kindy is not only a close friend, but probably one of the most creative people I know. He's a music producer from Arkansas, but now lives in Nashville. This dude is working with some of the top names in the game while he consistently pushes boundaries of music. He moved to Nashville a few months ago and invited me and some friends to join him for a weekend.

On the heels of my thirst for creativity I invited Zak Heald, Michael Kelley, and Douglas Spicer to join me.


Zak is the owner of Intercut Productions. Let me just start by saying he's 20. His company has worked with some of the biggest names in Arkansas and throughout the country. I'm inspired every time I get around him because he's constantly reminding me of why I love what I do. Creating things, and telling stories.


Michael is the better half of Zak, at least in the business sense. Michael is an incredibly talented editor and creative. He makes something out of nothing and I deeply admire that. Not everyone can take someone's vision and turn it into a thing of substance, but Michael can.


Douglas has been a friend of mine for a while, in fact, my best friend. He won't ever let you hear it, at least not yet, but he can sing. Keep an eye on this one, big things to come from him.


Lastly I got to meet Dustin this week. He's a friend of Harrison's and this dude can kill on some drums. I'm looking forward to the next time I can hang with him.

Now on to the good stuff! Seeing how everything right now is centering around creativity, I've come up with a few points that might give you something to think about.

1. Creativity doesn't need to make sense

Just like in music, sometimes in the very beginning you start with a few chords, a beat, or some verbiage. You might not have any idea what to make of it. As time passes and you add more pieces, it begins to make sense. That is all part of the creative process. Sometimes I'll sit down and begin to work on a project and what I'm doing makes no sense to anyone around me. I think we all face this. Keep pushing and pursuing that idea until it begins to make sense. Your creative vision was given to you, not someone else to execute.

2. Creativity isn't a respecter of demographic

You've seen the conflict of nature vs. nurture and read statements like you are a product of your environment but the encouraging thing is that creativity isn't a respecter of where you come from. If anything, your background feeds into the type of creative you become. For me, I was fortunate enough as a kid to travel and experience the world through a unique light. To this day those experiences play into how I create.

3. Creativity thrives on inspiration

This is probably my favorite observation I've made recently. Have you ever felt so dumb for not knowing something? This is how I feel about point #3. Sometimes I get stuck – I mean, really stuck. Maybe it's on a project, writing, or something personal. Often times I look up and realize I'm sitting in a room with no windows and fluorescent lighting. This isn't the most inspiring of places. When I decide to get up, go outside, flip through a magazine, or just get some vitamin D, inspiration suddenly hits. It's different for everyone and not every creative process is the same. Analyze what inspires you and try to participate in that daily.

Here's our weekend in images through the eyes of Michael and Zak. They documented the weekend and all images you've seen in this post have been shot by them.













So in case you didn't know - I joined a boy band. I think we named ourselves Slightly innocent, or something like that. And if you're wondering, we're a Christian rock band... 😜


Morning Us...


Thanks for reading, more to come...


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Ian Marko + The Summer Look

I'm no stranger to trends and my style reflects that. I've always had the hardest time sticking to just one thing. My style changes from season to season. In the winter I tend to be more avant garde with my style, lots of layers and lots of black! In the summer however, it's completely different. In Arkansas it gets HOT. Not only does it get hot, it gets humid. It basically feels as though you're swimming every time you go outside. Needless to say, my style has to be light and cool – because I sweat, is that too much info? Haha.

If you've been on a college campus within the past five years the frat style is everywhere. I'm not much into that, mainly because I don't care to have a huge mountain or fish on the back of my shirt, I don't like sunglass straps, and I actually use my chaco's for hiking purposes. With that being said, this spring I was determined to find a company that gave me the frat comfort mixed with something a bit more classic. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ian Marko. I found these guys on instagram and started following their work. Based in North Carolina, Ian Anderson and Marko Peros founded this classic American made company. Recently, I took part in their "in-home" try on they have available through their website. I selected some items, they sent them, I tried them on and kept what I wanted and sent back what I didn't (which was nothing, lol). Below is how it all played out...

I selected the items that I wanted on their website, used the try on code and they were sent straight to my doorstep! 

I chose two of their classic Bova Tee's, the Classic White and Emerald Green. I also added a Dusk Orange Pique Polo. I'm super particular about the fabric and feel of my polo's so I was anxious to see the type of fabric they used. 

After receiving my shipment, I called my buddy Shane Gray and our friend Luke to go out and shoot some images! My first try on was the Dusk Orange Pique Polo. This 100% American Made polo fit and felt amazing. It was light and felt good. Most polos I own are either Jersey Knit, or they have this weird heavy texture that again, makes me sweat! Ya'll it's HOT in Arkansas!

Next I went for the Emerald Green Bova Tee. Let me give you a little insight about frat wear most of the tee's produced are garment dyed or direct dyed tee's. They are made with cheap ringspun cotton with little attention to detail. Ian Marko could not be further from that. This 100% Cotton Tee is feels good and fits well, it almost feels like it has a bit of structure to it. Not like something you will wash once and it's ruined. It felt and looked nice too.  

Check these guys out and follow their instagram for upcoming products! These are ones to watch!


Special Thanks to IAN MARKO & LUKE MORRIS