It’s Friday! Which means tomorrow is Saturday, which is basically another work day. We have an interesting culture in America…we go to school for a degree that we hate, to work in a field that we hate, to live a life that is just about as fulfilling as ordering a salad when you wanted a steak. Fortunately, times are changing and company cultures are changing. This has absolutely nothing to do with today’s topic, I simply woke up at 9A today and didn’t feel bad about it. Considering tomorrow is a 16 hour day. No regrets.

Today walking into the office I had a simple thought on my heart. We’re all just trying to figure it out. This phrase, like most, gets overlooked often. Think about it. When we begin to realize that none of us are perfect, we’re all messed up, and we’re all trying to reach a certain goal, it’s so freeing. I think about how much my personal life has shifted recently. I think about how much my company has shifted as well. And that’s ok. Why? Because we’re all just trying to figure it out. It’s ok to try different things and explore different options that make you happy. This is true for a 15-year-old or a 55-year-old. It’s never too late to pursue something you’re passionate about.

Today’s thought is simple. Don’t underestimate people. Maybe that person just hasn’t found what they’re good at yet. Or maybe they just need some extra encouragement to step out and try something new.