Have you ever wanted to give up? Not the kind of give up that lets you step away from a project and return to it. But the kind of give up that shakes you to the core of who you are? That kind of give up is the throw in the towel, it’s all over give up.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to give up all while feeling the motivation and drive to keep going. How do both of these things co-exist? That I’m not sure about, but I can tell you from experience, waking up one day with the desire to give up can quickly be overshadowed with the drive and ambition to keep going. This ladies and gentlemen is called mind games.

Mind games happen most frequently to me when the odds are stacked against me. When I’m under a deadline, when I’ve messed up, or when I know I’ve failed at something, mind games happen. Today as I was cleaning the house, doing mindless tasks, the pressure of real life (whatever that means) set in. All these mind games flooded my head. Everything from upcoming bills, current projects for work, the fact I haven’t been to the gym in like…well, you know, a long time – it all hit me. I stopped and evaluated what was true about these things, if any at all. An overwhelming sense of give up set in for a moment. I shook myself out of it and reminded myself of why I can’t give up. Regardless of the screaming voices in my head, some in real life, to quit, I made the decision to push through it, finished cleaning, and started instantly working on my dreams again.

Casey Neistat shared a great vlog entry the other day about being a “sellout.” He shared that when we dreamed as kids we had this grand idea of what the world was and how we could accomplish anything we set our mind to. He then pointed out that when we get older this thing called “reality” sets in. It’s the bills, the work, the minutiae of life. Some of us never recover from that reality setting in. Then, there are some of us who push through that “reality” to fight for our dreams until slowly and surely the “dreams” and “reality” categories are side by side acting as one. I’m not necessarily to that point yet, but I’m fighting to get there. Mind games are a part of this process. The process of wading through “reality” straight up sucks sometimes, but it’s worth it. Some might not understand, actually, the majority of people won’t understand. They will call you, “dumb, irresponsible, and often, crazy,” but that is the exact slush you have to push through.

Anyone who said that pursuing your dreams was easy hasn’t ever pursued a dream. It’s dirty, it’s rough, and honestly, I’m not sure what’s on the other side of that, because I haven’t gotten there yet. If you’re that kid (or adult) that is ready to give up because of your environment, what your friends or parents think, or because you feel you can’t become something great – don’t. I’ve been that kid and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The world needs your ideas, your vision, and your tenacity to make great things happen. You aren’t alone.

Celebrate the wins, work vigorously through the hard stuff.