This might sound a little cliché, but I’m somewhere around 33500+ Feet writing this…don’t you love technology?

This morning I left from Dallas for Philadelphia to help launch a new menswear platform my friend, Ian Crumm, is launching. It’s geared towards men’s grooming products, tips, and reviews. Baseline built the platform and I can’t wait to attend the launch party tomorrow night.

Moving on, what to talk about today…hum. I think addressing the idea of doing what you love seems important. I had a very interesting conversation with a friend last night about what it means to do what you love. For me, I love people. At the end of the day, I’m happy doing anything that involves people. I also love traveling and culture. I’ve never been much of a homebody. Since I was very young my parents let me go places and do things. I remember my first church trip in second grade that was basically cross-country. They were very supportive of me getting out and seeing the world. I think this is attributed to my curiousity of culture.

Experiencing other cultures gives you perspective on your reality, not to mention how others live. Whether you’re visiting New York City or Egypt, odds are domestic or international you’re going to learn a lot about a culture the minute you step off that plane.

A lot of my friends took a college “gap year,” I never really did this seeing as I didn’t go to college. From their experience most of them learned a lot about themselves and about the world we live in. Most of them, now being in our mid-twenties, would give anything to go back to that year and do it all over again. See most people my again in Arkansas are either living at home with their parents, stuck in a career they hate, or have lost a sense of wonder when they look at the world around them.

How do we, as millennials, parents, or those of us who are just not content, get out and see the world?

Self-Employ or Find A Remote Employer

This first one is easier said than done. For me, the luxury of my own schedule, my own salary, and my own travel time, is more valuable than stability, job safety, or even job happiness. It isn’t for everyone, and as some of you have read over the past few weeks, it isn’t easy either.

The other option is to find an employer who will let you work remotely. This is a bit difficult depending on your line of work. I’ve got friends who are designers, coders, and managers, that their employers encourage them to work remotely as an added value to stay with the company. Obviously if you’re a doctor, this isn’t an option.


If you don’t have the luxury of being self-employed or apart of a company that encourages remote work, saving is the only option. You can do this in a few different ways, especially if you have a hotel or airline partner credit card. Things like this make day to day trip saving easier!

All in all, perspective is everything. Traveling and spending time and money on moments is sometimes better than things. Get out and see the world, or as Jamie Wilson likes to say, “take a little time to enjoy the view.”

I hope you enjoyed this not-so-serious post 🙂

Featured Image – In-Air edits Evan Addison Photography