Have you ever noticed how social media is so deceptive? We’ve talked about it since it’s inception, but social media is a delusion of the best parts of an individuals world wrapped up into a carefully curated social feed. Recent studies have called this, “forced positivity.” Basically, this theory is the ultimate comparison of one individual to another. I’m no stranger to this, I’m as addicted as anyone else.

So I decided to do a little experiment. January 2-6, 2017 I decided that I would segment my time. Working in 150-minute segments without looking at my phone, email, or social media. My results were shocking. Who would have thought I’d be more productive? Duh! Those feelings of constantly checking feeds or comparing myself to what someone else is doing are slowly starting to creep away. Have you ever seen someone who’s emailing frantically just to be emailing frantically? Being busy doesn’t mean being productive, and comparing yourself to that type of person is a lose-lose situation.

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How do we become more effective and better at realizing we don’t have to compare ourselves to the person next to us?

What God has called YOU to do is different than the person next to you

Realizing that what you were designed for is not the same as your neighbors is easier said than done. We feel this constant need to be compared to others in our field, our area, or even our home. We were all designed with a unique an individual purpose that only we can carry out. You’re an essential component of the organization you’re involved in, your home, and your community.

Perception Is Reality…Sometimes

Although I do subscribe the thought that perception is reality sometimes things aren’t quite like they seem. That could be in someone’s professional life or personal. You never really know what someone is going through or where their head is at. This is why comparison is so dangerous. From finances, relationships, even to mental health, you can never predict where someone’s at just by looking. It’s much easier to say that “oh, they are at that point in life because they have more resources or more money,” it’s much harder, however, to look at life through their lens and except things unseen.

Today I’m going to do a much better job at not comparing myself to others and being content with doing what I know I should do.