No one likes tough decisions. Tough can be defined in many different ways to many people. For me, sometimes that tough decision for the day is getting up on time. On other occasions, it might mean an investment of time or money, and in the rare circumstance, it’s a life event situation. Personally and professionally I’ve been making a lot of tough decisions lately, or so it feels like. As I was preparing to write today I began to cumulate a list of my process during those decisions. I’d like to share it with you.

Is it True? Is it Good? Is it Necessary?

This has become the mantra for me personally and professionally, I even have it posted on the wall in my office. These three questions, also known as the “three gates of speech,” are the filters for almost everything I do. If yes can’t be answered to these, the decision either isn’t worth it or it needs some revising. This has changed how I make personal decisions, the way I take on projects at work, and has guided me to better articulate problems to clients.

Go With Your Gut

The biggest mistake I’ve made when it comes to tough decisions is not going with what my gut tells me. I choose to believe that the “gut” feeling is way more than just my gut. As the saying goes, “if you can talk yourself into something, you can talk yourself out of something.”  The more you sit and linger, the more excuses to not do something you will create. That con list grows longer and longer, and eventually, you have a failure to launch decision. Stop thinking, more executing.

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It’s Not Personal

This is my biggest issue. To me, things are always personal, I guess it’s my people pleasing nature that facilitates this. Sometimes tough decisions are personal, deeply personal. Other times, they are just business. In the world of “southern hospitality” here in the South, it’s very easy for everything to be taken out of context to what the actual situation calls for. Our emotions can be very deceptive and sometimes lie to us in these situations. I’m learning that sometimes you have to put aside that emotion and just execute on that tough decision. The more you practice this in a respectful yet purposeful way, the easier it becomes.

Today, I’m going to try to address tough decisions head on with a spirit of execution.