Literally, when push comes to shove I found myself in a space that for years had seemed so foreign to me. I’m referring to experience. I heard Mark Cuban say at one point that “people don’t quit things they’re good at.” I’ve never taken this to heart like I have for my 2017 goals. 2016 was somewhat jaded by voices that weren’t my own about people, decisions, strategies I needed to take personally and publically. I went into the last part of 2016 feeling somewhat confused and really not knowing what to do in a few areas of my life. Then I went back to that quote… what am I really good at? What do I need to get back personally and professionally that I’ve been missing out on? When was I most successful and what were the decisions that surrounded that? Most importantly, where was I adding value?

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What I found was a mixture of good and bad. Good decisions that I needed to add back into my routine and bad decisions that I needed to evaluate and learn from. I’m a strategy guy. I like to plan but I also like to execute, sometimes one takes longer than the other…but I’m working on it.

So what does this have to do with experience? Experience has shown me that I can’t just be pushed, I personally, need to be shoved off the cliff. I learn the hard way. I’m thankful for people who walk me to the edge and push me off, especially when I don’t realize I need it. There are also other times when I have to be the one who runs and jumps off the edge. It’s in those moments, where fate is in your hands, the option to soar or sink.

What are those area/things/people/decisions you need to quit and what are the ones you need to add back? What is that leap of faith you need to take to really and truly soar? I don’t have it all figured out, but I have hit the bottom of the mountain before. Once you learn it’s not so scary and there are lessons to be learned, it’s easier to figure out just what you need to soar.