This will be the first time I’ve posted since May. I wanted to do a really cool photo set with this post and have everything planned out nicely, but as always, that’s not how this will go. Recently I’ve been so scared. Scared of where my life is at, where it’s going, and the person I’ll end up being. The word Legacy comes to mind. What will my Legacy be? If you read my blog you know I travel a lot. For those of you that just landed here, I’m no stranger to traveling and submerging myself into other cities and cultures. I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Ark. It’s my hometown and currently where I reside. My community was once known for being a dead, boring place. This is simply not the case anymore.

I’ve got a long line of failed ventures and harebrained ideas that just didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have enough money, seek enough counsel or they just weren’t timed right. Starting and creating is in my DNA. Even if it doesn’t end well, creating is a passion of mine.

With all of that said, it’s time for a new chapter, a new beginning, a new baseline if you will. In typography, a baseline is where most of your letters sit. It’s the starting point or a point where something begins. I’m at a baseline moment in my life.

Baseline Collective is the biggest risk I’ve taken in my adult life, all 24 years of it. Up until now, I’ve played it safe. I mean, I’ve taken risks but only those I’m 90% sure of the outcome. This risk, however, I’m not sure. Time will tell.

In October of 2015, I set out to create an entity with enough room to grow and scale as my brain could dream. That statement sounds much more magnificent than the current state of the company. Nonetheless, I took the risk.

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With all that said – almost a year later, countless clients who have stuck with us while I worked a full-time job and put in full-time hours (sometimes at their expense), and endless support from those in my life – it’s here. Baseline Collective is finally a thing. Alongside my fearless co-pilot, Megan Young, my zero to one now turns into one to two. The next hardest step I’ve ever taken.

Why Fort Smith?

The past few months I’ve finally been able to tell those around me about this career transition. The most common question I get is, why Fort Smith? This answer is simple, and if you’d like, I recommend taking notes on this part.

  • Fort Smith is a safe place to fail. We have a strong community that will pick you up, lend support, and be there at a moments notice when trouble hits.
  • Fort Smith will be the center for Art, Culture, and History in Arkansas.
  • Did I mention we have a strong community of supportive people already? Because we do.

What is Baseline?

The second question I get asked a lot is what is baseline?

Baseline is a collective of individuals working to tell brand stories through creative direction, live experiences, concept development, and content creation. We create for a purpose.

Simply put, that is what baseline is. The heart of this organization is building a better community, creative and economical alike while raising the standard of excellence in this region. We haven’t gotten far yet, but we’ve only just begun.

The opportunities are endless when pairing creation with execution. Join me. Let’s create a better world.