We have this idea that we should live balanced lives. Half work, half play. Yesterday I made a rant (or two) about how we as a society champion the weekend. This ties perfectly into a work/life balance. I’m a firm believer that living a balanced life is one of the biggest lies society has told us.

If your goal is balance, how do you really give something 100%? Have you ever thought about that? In order to make great ideas and dreams happen you have to be all in, right? I can’t be all in if I turn off that idea after 5P? Let me put a disclaimer on this for those out there that would fuss at me – you need downtown, this isn’t what I’m addressing. Anyways, back to the post.

I believe you should be 100% present where ever you’re at. If that’s at work, be there. If that’s at home, be there. Be 100%. 50% at work and 50% at home doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to get an idea off the ground. Be present.

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So how is this possible? It’s time for a list and a few practical tips to living an unbalanced life!

Tip #1 – Have The Guts to Say No.

We as humans are bad at this. Myself in particular because I’m a people pleaser. When I know I’m about to pursue something big, I tend to say no to more things. This allows me to be more aware and present on the important tasks I’m pursuing.

Tip #2 – Step Away From Social Media

Nothing eats away at time like social media. I find that this is the number one cause of interruption when trying to be focused and aware. To combat this, I have every notification turned off on my phone. The only notifications I receive are text messages and phone calls. Everything else can wait.

Tip #3 – Slow Down, Focus, and Think

You’ll be amazed at what happens when we slow down, breath, and think about what we’re trying to focus on. Clearing your head to be able to handle the current task is important. Understanding full circle where you’re headed on the project at hand is key as well. This cannot happen with a cluttered mind. Slow down, focus, and think.

Tip #4 – Change Perspective

Step away from your desk, go to a coffee shop, an airport, somewhere you can feel challenged to create via the environment you’re in. Changing perspective doesn’t always just mean location either. When I can’t fully grasp a concept or I’m working on something I’m new to, I always ask for help. I ask those around me and those who know more to help open my perspective to things.

Tip #5 – Be Present

The key to being present is not being somewhere else. It is so easy to be somewhere else. Whether that is digitally or mentally. It will shock you how much you remember and absorb when you’re simply present. This is something I’ve always struggled with. As I tried to be in so many places at once, I got nothing accomplished.

Be all in, no matter where you are. Living like this is easier said than done. Once you start it, you’ll realize living unbalanced is the only way to get the most out of life.

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