Have the guts to say, “it might not work,” but also the courage to bring it forward and try. Click To Tweet

For most in the U.S. it’s finals week. I’ve been getting texts and seeing tweets about how stressed my friends are. From lost notes to people just admitting they’re going to bomb the test, the pressure of finals week takes a toll. What about next week? All of the information that was crammed in at the last moment, where does that go?

I was never exposed to this monster called “finals,” I mean, I was in high school but not in college. After I completed a bible program in 2011 I decided to enroll myself in college. I love learning. Actually, I’m passionate about learning. I’ll make a bold statement and say most my age are. We like finding out new ways of doing things and learning how to make ourselves and our work better. However, I believe that most of us hate our education system. Needless to say I got through one semester of college. It was not only boring and uninformative, but I wasn’t learning. Now before anyone gets upset, there are balances to all of this. I had already been through a few years of alternative education developing skills that most learn during their college days. My point to this is that in my world, the creative industry, there are few things that colleges know that you can’t find on the internet. My money, time, investment, was better spent on experiencing and learning vs. paying for mediocre education taught by professors who wouldn’t take their own class.

Our society, our education system, our culture, gives us a handbook of what success looks like. If you want to have X amount of instagram followers, here’s the photos you have to post. If you want to run a successful agency you have to this type of creative space. If you want to be a successful creative, you must have  this or that type of bag/journal/pen. Our world has changed. The education system doesn’t work, even our system of following your dreams doesn’t work.

Do what you’re passionate about…as long as you’re good at it. Click To Tweet

My generation, the millennials and Gen Z have always been told we can do and be whatever we want to be. If we just follow our passion, our hearts, we can be whatever we set our mind to. But what if we aren’t good at what we’re passionate about? 

Here is the tie-in to all everything I’ve mentioned above. I started pursuing the interest of photography when I was 16. I learned that I was passionate about it, but I also realized I was good at it. That passion developed into a business which has now scaled to a career. Because of the internet and the ability to get out and practice the skills I was learning, I’ve had some great successes. I’ve also had some failures. I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded. I have learned to be ok with saying, “it might not work, but let’s go for it.” 

What should you stop doing this morning in order to start your dreams tonight? Don’t let society dictate what you do with your life. Your story is unique only to you. You are doing the world a disservice if you try and be someone else. (I have to remind myself everyday of this.) I’m a college dropout. By no means am I advocating dropping out or not going to college. It worked for me, but it might not work for you. I am advocating quitting things you aren’t good at for something that only you are capable of.

Have the guts to say, “it might not work,” but also the courage to bring it forward and try.”

Good luck on finals everyone.

– Mason