Can you believe another year has gone already? As I looked back through past posts and personal journal entries about what I wanted to accomplish in 2015, I found that that most of my goals were completed. I bought a new car, went to fashion week, spent more time outside of my hometown, and more importantly grew as a person. By far the most important thing I learned this year was to say No. That was HUGE (Donald Trump voice) for me. I’m not one to make New Years Resolutions but I do like to set goals for the year. I feel this is way more effective than just attempting some opened-ended resolution that I’ll give up on after a few months. So, without further to-do, here are my 16 Goals for 2016. May these inspire you to set your own!

1. Start Something New

In 2015 I was consistent. Consistent in work, my personal life, and financially. In 2016 I want to pursue my passion in all three of those areas in a new way.

2. Travel

I make this every year and I make no apologies. I’m addicted to travel and seeing other cultures. I never want to stop seeing the world through others eyes.

3. Learn Something New Everyday

This year I feel like I fell into a routine. I don’t like routines. I never want to stop learning, I’m going to challenge myself in 2016 to learn something new each day.

4. Learn to Articulate Feelings

Ok, so this might sound a bit random, but for me it isn’t. I want to do a better job at articulating how I feel in certain situations. Ask my close friends, I’m bad at this.

5. Give

You’ve heard the phrase, “more money, more problems.” I want to avoid that by giving more. Not just of my finances; but my time, energy, and resources.

6. Blog Weekly

I know, I say this all the time, but in 2016 I’m going to make no excuses and commit to blogging once a week.

7. Eat Healthy, Commit to a Trainer

It seems like everyone has this on their list. I want to commit to a trainer so I’ll have someone to compel me to workout and change my diet. I’m 23 and I should have an Instagram body. The reason I don’t is all on me.

8. Wear More Couture

This might sounds REALLY narcissistic and self absorbed, but let me explain. Clothing is a passion of mine, not because of price, brand, or trend; but because I enjoy different styles and I have a deep appreciation for the work that goes into each garment. Clothing is a big boost to my confidence. If you look good, you feel good, and that my friends – is priceless.

9. Score Some Points

This has been on my list for years now but I’ve been too afraid to do it. I need to set aside some time to upgrade my credit card, put more money into savings, and pay off the small amount of debt I have. I’m fortunate enough at the age of 23 to have virtually no debt. I don’t have students loans and I pay off my credit cards each month. I want to keep these practices and increase my savings as well.

10. Breakup with Facebook and Read More

I will admit that I’m not really that active on Facebook to begin with. I keep up-to-date with Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter more than I do Facebook. However, I feel as though it’s a dark hole that once I’m in, I spend endless amounts of time on. I’m going to supplement that with nonfiction reading.

11. Trust Others

I’m really bad at this when it comes to handing over tasks. I’m learning that in order to grow, you must hand over some work and let other capable individuals do it.

12. Quit Apologizing

Ask anyone who has spent significant time with me about my incessant need to apologize for anything and everything. From my personality to things I can’t control. I’m going to quit apologizing for things I can change, and change the things I would apologize for.

13. Buy a Duplex

Yes, I admit, I don’t own my own home or apartment. I’ve lived with parents, friends, friends who didn’t want me to live with them, hotels, and more hotels. I need to find a home. All joking aside, my hometown of Fort Smith is one of the cheapest places to live in the country. There is no reason I shouldn’t own property. Or two.

14. Connect Better

2014 I had some incredible conversations. In 2015 I feel as though time passed me by on several key conversations that I just didn’t have. In 2016 I want to specifically schedule time to have these conversations.

15. Be Real

In 2015 I tried so much and learned a lot about myself. In 2016 I believe that I can finally be who I was created to be through some of the strategic steps I’m going to take personally and professionally.

16. Create

And finally a goal list of mine wouldn’t be complete without the word create. I want to create more. I want to go deeper in my knowledge and understanding of what it means to produce amazing work. I want to continually learn from those better than me and those who I respect and look up to.

**Bonus Goal**

I want to include one more and this might just be the most important one. It’s to be more like Jesus. In a world filled with stuffy religious nonsense, I want to be more like Jesus.

As I reflect back on all that I’ve just written, I can’t wait for 2015 to get out of here so I can start living out these goals with everything inside me. I challenge you to take some time in the next three days to sit down and plan out 16 goals for 2016. Once you’ve got them, place them somewhere you can read them everyday. Don’t loose sight of what’s important and what you want to accomplish.

🍾 Cheers