Today, Adele released a preview song, Hello, from her new album, 25, that will be releasing on November 20. In a recent twitter post, Adele talks about her album of self-reflection and “making up” for everything she never got to do, and everything she did get to. See End of Post.

This got me thinking…at 23 years old, I’ve been blessed to do a lot, travel a lot, meet incredible people, love and really live life. But what’s next? I’m a so young and having lived almost a quarter life, I’m incredibly nervous about the next phase.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to share with a few city leaders from all over Arkansas about who Millennials are and how to communicate with us. It was very interesting hearing perspective from the generation before me on just how similar we really are. Realizing that it isn’t just millennials that experience the what am I doing with my life? and the thoughts of  is this how it’s always going to be?

So what is next? When you realize change is needed, where do you look first? For me, unashamedly, my first source is my relationship with the Lord. Realizing my purpose and why I was put on this planet is very important to me. I realize that not everyone believes the same, but at the end of the day, my faith is what keeps me going. It’s the basis of what I believe and how I live my life. So that’s a great starting point. With that said, before my actual quarter life crisis kicks in, here are 23 things I’ve observed while being 23:

  1. Find Your Passion – and never stop pursing it.
  2. Others May, But I May Not  this is short for, just because someone else does, doesn’t mean you have to.
  3. Experience Love, and Experience Hurt – experiencing what it’s like to love and what it’s like to hurt is an incredible process to go through, you realize just how strong you really are. Getting your heart broken, and potentially breaking someones heart is a powerful experience.
  4. Set Yourself Up For Financial Success – eating ramen might be what college consisted of, but in the real world things cost money. Living below your means in your early years can set you up for financial freedom.
  5. Put Yourself In Awkward Situations – the more you can get our of your element and put yourself in situation that you don’t feel comfortable in, the more you’ll grow. Go talk to someone who looks lonely in a crowded room. Sit at the same table as someone who’s having lunch alone. You’ll find out some incredible things about yourself and maybe someone else as well.
  6. Learn That Emotions Lie – we aren’t in High School or College anymore. Making decisions based on emotion is probably one of the biggest downfalls of my generation. Stepping back and thinking logically is essential. Step back in the heat of the moment and give it some time to set in.
  7. Travel, Even When You Can’t – when else are we going to have this opportunity to be so flexible and put expendable income towards things like traveling?
  8. Don’t Forget You’re Only In Your 20’s – I forget this more often than not, but we aren’t in our 30’s or 40’s. It’s ok not to lease that shiny new BMW, purchase a house, or not settle down. Pressure to “grow up” only exists if you let it.
  9. Seek Wise Council – You’ll regret it if you don’t. Surround yourself with older, wiser, more seasoned individuals who have been through it. Let them guide you.
  10. Exercise – is that too practical? I forget this, but never again will our bodies be in this great of condition. Let’s keep it that way?
  11. Spend Time With Those That Matter – Like most during this season of life, over the next 10-15years our great grandparents, grandparents and maybe our parents will leave this life. Don’t let a moment go by that you don’t let them know how much they mean to you.
  12. Fail At Something – I’ve said this time and time again, failure is one of my greatest successes. Without failure it’s hard to determine where you need to go.
  13. Live With Intention – this just might be my favorite one. Living a life of intention is no short of an overwhelming task, but you’ll think yourself later in life (at least I hope so.)
  14. Splurge On Moments – Go to that concert, charge the flight and the hotel, stay out until 3A, buy that $100 steak. Now obviously this should be gaged with moderation, but it’s ok to splurge on memories that will last a lifetime. Some of my greatest experiences came when I had $100 in my pocket and a maxed out credit card. At no other point in life are we going to be able to do it.
  15. Save For A Rainy Day – to balance #13, having enough in savings to hold you over when you lose a job, forget to put insurance on your car, or have to move suddenly, is critical. Three months of expenses in the bank is vital. Because all of the things I just mentioned, are inevitable.
  16. Go To Church – I know, I know, I’m bias – I do believe you should try it for a season, even if it isn’t for you you would be surprised at the value it adds to your life. We are very spiritual beings and putting yourself at the center of God’s will is vital for getting the most of our your life.
  17. Give Up Something For Someone Else – whatever that may be, maybe it’s your money for lunch that you decided to spend on a homeless man, or staying lat for a coworker you hate. Learning what it’s like to go without reveals a lot about your character.
  18. Remember Who You Are – We get so lost. A lot. It’s so easy to navigate away from the person you were designed to be. It’s ok if you get lost. Just make sure you have the right people in your life to help you navigate back to the correct path.
  19. Jump Into Something You’re Scared Of – this goes back to taking risks. At no other point are you going to be able to risk it all (mainly because we don’t have a lot) at the chance of doing something great. Just like Nike says, Just do it.
  20. Trim The Fat – by the time we enter our 20’s there are something that have to go. Habits of younger years, friends from the past who hold you back, relationships that just don’t seem to fade, and past mistakes that we still hold on to. These things have to go. Make a conscious effort to leave them in the past and move forward.
  21. Love Hard – never be ashamed of loving to the fullest. Your friends, your relationships, your family. Never apologize for loving 100%, learning what it means to walk through things with someone isn’t easy, but that is one of the most incredible opportunities about being in your 20’s.
  22. Laugh Often – Surround yourself with those who will bring out the best in you. If you aren’t laughing, you aren’t doing it right.
  23. Realize That Your Life Matters – no matter who you are, where you come from, your financial status, your job, or whatever you aspire to be – Your Life Matters. You have a purpose and you shouldn’t stop until you’re living out your God given calling.