This weekend I was able to be apart of the SUPER ICONIC Party of the Century, hosted by the Crystal Bridges‘ College Ambassadors. The purpose of the event was to highlight the new exhibit Van Gogh to Rothko featuring works from 73 influential artists. Van Gogh to Rothko traces the story of avant-garde art from late nineteenth-century Modernism through Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art in the late 1950s and early 60s. So naturally Avant-Garde attire was expected. I was the Fashion Judge for this 1000+ person event. I must say, Arkansas showed up and brought some incredible looks! 

The night featured a silent rave, screen printing your own art, multiple bands, and of course good food and beverages. I can’t say enough of how fun it was! I had a great time and I loved meeting so many new faces! 

I decided to mix up the styles a little, so naturally, I’m in black. I wore Kill City Black Denim, New Look Button Down, and a Leather Biker Jacket. On my feet are the Broadie Leather Chelsea Boots by Christian Louboutin

Photo Courtesy of Zak Heald, IP Film & Video
Photo Courtesy of Zak Heald, IP Film & Video

Meet Ginger, Alahna, and Andrew. Ginger and Andrew were the winners of our “Best In Fashion” for the evening. Alahna was my liaison from the College Ambassador team, it was great working with this group and I look forward to many more events! 

I’d like to thank the Crystal Bridges‘ College Ambassador team for having me, especially Nick Bolin, my INCREDIBLE team, and everyone who showed up!