The last two weeks of my life have been the craziest I’ve ever encountered. Remember the first time you ever thought your life was crazy? Remember what that felt like? Then you approach an even crazier time in life and you begin to realize that life is just one crazy train that just so happens to stop at different stations along the way. Just in 2015 alone, I started a new job, added two huge clients, and I’m attempting to write a blog that maybe someone besides my grandma will want to read. 

When I landed in NYC all of this was pulsing through my brain. “Where will I end up?” “Is this really what I should be doing?” “What if no one likes my photos?” “I don’t think I’m crazy enough to be at this show.” This season was very different for me. I went with the intention of gaining content for my blog and photographing other bloggers. I’m proud to say that I did that. I learned a few things this week that will be sticking with me for a while. I’d like to share those with you in hopes of inspiring someone else.


You be you. Over there years this has been one of the hardest things for me. I’ve conformed in so many different ways over the years. It pains me to look back and see what I missed out on because I wasn’t truly myself. The best version of you – is you. It has taken me a long time to figure this out. I realized during Fashion Week it is so easy to get lost in the hype and the glamour. It’s easy to look at someone and wish you were as influential (or stylish) as they are. God gifted you with everything you need to be successful. Don’t waste time trying lower yourself to someone else standard of beauty.


This one is easier said than done. I had several meet-ups with old friends, new friends, people I liked, and others I didn’t. Find those that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. In any industry, relationships are the key to not just success, but survival. When you add value to the relationships you are in, something magical happens, it’s called genuine friendships.Those friendships are what will elevate you, not because you’re using them, but because they are nature and authentic. 

3. “JUST DO IT.”

The Infamous Nike slogan. We’ve all heard it, yet how many of us quote it but don’t actually follow through? I’m not talking about YOLO. These are two different things that many get confused about. So What do I mean? This year I had the chance to sit on the sidelines and watch my friends do incredible things. I also had the chance to participate in those things. Every opportunity will lead to something. When the thought of NYFW came across my mind, I didn’t even hesitate. I went. I just did it. Because I did, my world has forever changed. You might have also heard, “Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game,” I’ve never thought this to be more true than this season of my life. To some extent, I’m not even thinking, I’m just going. At any age, you’ll never get back time you could have used to do something great. I had an english teacher in high school who was an incredible influence in my life. She would always say, “what are you going to do with this moment, because you can never get it back.” She’d then pause and say, “you just lost a second, what are you going to do?” That has always stuck with me, because it’s so true. Even now as you’re reading this, your life is getting shorter, how are you going to make the most of it?

I can’t wait to show you all I’ve done in the upcoming week, as I get my sessions edited, I’ll be posting them on here so you can see as well. Thanks for engaging with my Instagram and tweets while I was traveling. I feel like you guys are family, even if you’re thousands of miles behind a screen somewhere. 

Until tomorrow…