It’s time for another installment of my tips on how to be interesting… Here we go:

#1 – Chat.

What are people talking about? Love? Loss? The weather? The magical? The mundane? The simple act of conversation can bring people together and expose you to interesting topics. So strike up conversations where you can.

#2 – Put Your Own Spin On It.

You see and you evaluate. You read and you ponder. This is human nature: we interpret information as we adsorb it. Well-consutructed options add to the original artifact.

#3 – Do Something Amazing.

Dance. Talk. Build. Network. Play. Help. Create. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it. Sitting around and complaining is not an acceptable form of “something,” in case you were wondering.

#4 – Go Outside.

Real life is always in 3-D. It’s always in high-definition. Outside is where the fascinating people and happenings are. It’s where you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for.

#5 – Do What You Want.

If it is unappetizing: do not eat, date, or sign up for it. If the mere thought of it is depressing: Do not major in it, sit through it, or devote your life to it. If is not important to you: Do not do it only because it is important to someone else.

You will thank yourself.