It’s Wednesday and time for another edition of “How To Be Interesting.” Here is some practical advice for those of you who aren’t people persons. Friends are great things, People are a great thing, but learning how to connect and navigate them can be hard. Here are some practical steps.

#1 – Invite More Than You R.S.V.P

Bring others into your world. Let them play where you hang out. Don’t wait for invitations when you can host. You can get something started as long as there is at least one person you can invite!

#2 – Be A Link Not An Endpoint.

Don’t just tell. Don’t just listen. Make introductions. Set up strangers. Pass on what you know. This is how ideas snowball into events. You can be the fulcrum upon which an entire community turns.

#3 – Compliment Liberally.

Kind words are quite precious and cost nothing; it’s surprising that there’re so rare. Laud what you enjoy! Praise the people who excel in novel ways. Do it publicly and often. Everyone needs encouragement.

#4 – Expand The Group.

Never take in the welcome mat. Keep the door open. Make room for surprise guests – you never know who could show up. They might be wonderful. They might be less than wonderful. Hopefully, they’ll be interesting!

#5 – Reach Out.

You are only one phone call, one letter, one text message, one email, one “hi there,” away from everyone. Yes, everyone.
The people who admire you, who inspire and impress you, the people you love or would like to love – they are all so very reachable.
That’s scary and comforting at the same time isn’t it?