I’m starting off 2014 with a new and refreshed blog. For those of you that would like to view my archives, those will be available shortly.
I want to start off by recommending some of my favorite photographers. Since I have been in the photography industry for many years, and I’m no longer shooting portrait work, I get the question a lot. “Who do you recommend?”

Below are by far my favorites for their industry, keep in mind, I’ve got a lot of friends in the industry, but these I have a special favoritism towards.

Portrait Photography (Arkansas)

Miles Witt Boyer – Website
When it comes to wedding and portrait work Miles is one of my favorites, any senior or bride is sure to love his Vintage Inspired images.

Wendy White – Website
If you’re in the market for newborn or young child photographers, Wendy is my absolute #1 choice to work with. Her images are stunning.

Portrait Photography (Out-Of-State)

Meshali Mitchell – Website
I’ve been following Meshali for awhile now, and everything she puts out is breathtaking. Whether it’s wedding or portrait, it’s beautiful.

Commercial Photography

Dustin Kessler – Website
Dustin has been a great friend for a long time, when it comes to car or other commercial work, he’ll impress you.