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33,500 FEET

This might sound a little cliché, but I’m somewhere around 33500+ Feet writing this…don’t you love technology? This morning I left from Dallas for Philadelphia to help launch a new menswear platform my friend, Ian Crumm, is launching. It’s…



In addition to personal readings, I always try and read a few Psalms a day. Today, January 16, I happened to be in the 16th chapter. Give it a read, it hit home for me this morning. Today I’m going…

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Next Level

Have you ever noticed how social media is so deceptive? We’ve talked about it since it’s inception, but social media is a delusion of the best parts of an individuals world wrapped up into a carefully curated social feed. Recent…


Tough Decisions

No one likes tough decisions. Tough can be defined in many different ways to many people. For me, sometimes that tough decision for the day is getting up on time. On other occasions, it might mean an investment of time or…


When Push Comes to Shove

Literally, when push comes to shove I found myself in a space that for years had seemed so foreign to me. I’m referring to experience. I heard Mark Cuban say at one point that “people don’t quit things they’re…

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People Pleasing

I’ve suffered from this my entire life. The desire to make anyone and everyone happy. Whether that is in my personal life or business life, I’ve gotten myself in a lot of trouble because I want to make those…

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6 Highlights from 2016

2016 was quite the year. It had its highs and lows, but it also brought some very inspiration and life-changing moments. I’ve selected 6 of the most inspirational moments from 2016 to share with you. 1. Attending A Trump…


Day 1: 2017

2016. Wow. This has single-handedly one of the most frustrating, inspiring, and jarring years of my life. From launching a new business, moving, deciding to be brutally honest with myself, and of course, President-Elect Trump. I had some great…

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This will be the first time I’ve posted since May. I wanted to do a really cool photo set with this post and have everything planned out nicely, but as always, that’s not how this will go. Recently I’ve been…