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The Challenge of Acceptance

If you’re like me, about the only television I watch these days is Netflix. One of my new favorite shows that launched this year is Queer Eye. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t a millennial), you know that Netflix recently rebooted the series with an all-new cast. I recently met Jonathan Van Ness, a QE cast member, in LA a few weeks ago. When I asked him about Season 2, he said, “you won’t be able to…

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It’s 3:02A – I wake up in a panic. This seems to be the running trend in my life for the past few months, no actually, since 2018 started. Anxiety hits and the pressures of finances, relationships, everything rushes…

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Take Action

Have you ever wondered why some people fail and others succeed? I’ve been curious about this question my entire life. At 25, I’ve lived just enough life to see friends I’ve grown up with make something of themselves. Some…

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Intention comes from the Latin word, Intentio which means stretching, thought, purpose. I came across this and found it fitting as we bring 2017 to a close. Wow. What a year. Looking back there were great strides as well as mistakes made. I…

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Book List – FW18

I have a problem. There I said it. I love to read. As the months turn colder, I always find myself reading more. It’s during the fall/winter months that I get inspired and recharged for the spring/summer. I have…

Pursuant - Mason Kesner


Today is Halloween. It’s a very cold day in Bentonville, but as someone who loves cold weather – today was for me. I got up this morning with the purpose of doing one thing. A digital clean. Those closest…

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Today I had to stop. I woke up to the news of the Las Vegas shooting. Last week my heart was heavy for Puerto Rico. On a closer to home note, I was in a car accident over the…



Hello blog, it’s been a minute. I’m taking some time today to write because I deeply miss it. A lot has happened this summer. My friends and team members have been super productive. In a nutshell… Launched an Apparel…


We Are Better Than This

This, unfortunately, has been a long overdue post that I’ve just now found the right way to articulate. I haven’t been very political since late last year. This is due to the fact I have passionate friends on both…


Critical or Extra?

After almost two months of being gone, I’m finally back home in Fort Smith. I started last month on a 96-hour bender across 4 cities, 2 coasts, and not enough coffee in the world to help me make it…